1.) From paycheque to Prada

A three hour interactive workshop to teach women the A to Z of managing their finances, taking into account their specific needs.

2.) The Money toolkit

A three hour workshop suitable for all individuals wanting to get in control of their money management and build wealth.

Topics addressed:

  • Getting to grips with your money mind set
  • Understanding why we often sabotage our attempts to build wealth
  • Why too much debt keeps you poor
  • How to clear your debt painlessly
  • The importance of a credit record and how to get it in shape
  • Why you need to save
  • The good news about retirement saving
  • How to design a simple and effective investment strategy
  • Why you need insurance and how it fits into a financial plan
  • How to avoid scams and pitfalls on your journey to wealth
  • Money and relationships-stop the money wars.
  • The real reason you need to build wealth –it’s not what you think

How to book

Option 1. Corporate workshop:
Book as part of an employee wellness initiative or employee training. It has been proven that staff with good financial skills are more productive, healthier, less prone to absenteeism and more engaged with their work.

Option 2. Small Groups:
If you want to host a workshop for friends and family members I will present at your location within a 100 km radius of Sandton. Minimum of 8 people.

Option 3. Public workshops hosted at my venue:
Public workshops are run on an ad-hoc basis. I need a minimum of 10 people for a workshop. Please email me with your details if you are interested in attending a public workshop held in Sandton.

For a detailed quote on workshops please email info@moneytoolkit.co.za