The money Toolkit is a storage file with a difference. It is designed to hold all important policies, certificates, wills, trust deeds, registration papers, title deeds, share certificates, bank statements, budgeting and account statements within predefined sections. The user will be supplied with a number of labels covering the various documents so he or she can customise the file.

For example: Wills, Trusts, Car Registration Papers, Home Title Deeds, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates and a file for copies of these important documents.

There is a step by step manual to ensure that you use the file optimally. The process of filling and organising the file will make you realise that there are many areas of your financial life that you have neglected.

It includes:

Core financial information
There are 14 modules in total. They cover Money Mindset, Money Management, Debt management, Saving, Investing, Banking, Your Assets, Risk Management, Estate Planning Crisis Management, Your Business, Your Career, Legal Wise, How to avoid scams. Money and Relationships.

In addition to the core modules we can offer customised information packs downloadable as Minebooks for people who need more detailed advice on a topic. For example if someone is getting married they can download the Wedding Pack that includes a step by step guide for soon to be newly- weds.

The toolkits are customisable so if you would like to present one as a wedding present it can contain bespoke information on managing your money as a couple. Sure beats a toaster or a kettle!