Iona is a Financial Education Consultant and Financial Journalist, she specialises in teaching individuals and corporations money management and investment skills. She is also a content strategist, providing specialist financial content to financial services companies.

She started her working career in the banking industry (Barclays) and her work experience has been in the areas of Consumer Finance, Insurance, Investments and mortgage broking. In 1996 she launched a financial education program called Financial Fitness which taught individuals how to manage their money with a strong emphasis on debt management and simple investment strategies.

As result of her knowledge and training skills she is regularly commissioned by newspapers and magazines to write articles on a wide range of financial issues. Iona’s training courses are accredited by Inseta. She is the Author of the books ‘Financial Fitness for Women’, and The Property Game which were both national best sellers.

Her broad knowledge of the financial services industry coupled with her writing, training and professional speaking skills, has given her a unique skill set; the ability to teach financial concepts in an easy to understand format and in a way that motivates individuals to take action.

In October 2012 she was elected as a trustee to the Consumer Education Foundation of the Financial Services Board.

Iona is a licensee of the Financial Life Planning Institute.